Bethesda thanks fan for helping to support Fallout 76…by banning him

It looks like Bethesda is still intent on making negative headlines, having just banned a long-time player and creator of the popular Map76 resource for reporting a bug.

Fallout 76/ Bethesda Game Studios

Having recently heard of a possible exploit, the player in question tested the bug before reporting it, only to find that he was then banned from the game and his appeal to refund his subscription to Fallout 1st was denied, due to him having “spent some of the atoms” given to him due to the subscription.

This has lead to not only the Map 76 resource shutting down, but also to other players and bug testers reporting mistreatment by the company, as seen here in a video by YongYea.

It’s a sorry state of affairs, but having caused a number of controversies with fans in the recent months, it’s something we’re all unfortunately getting used to.

What do you think about the situation?

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