Bad news for Pokemon fans! No plans to implement missing Pokemon.

It looks like we’re clearly not going to see changes with Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s current roster, with Junichi Masuda stating again that the missing Pokemon will not be added to the games in future.

Pokemon Sword and Shield/ Game Freak/ Nintendo

Speaking to InsideGamer here, Masuda stated that Game Freak has “no plans” to include or add in the missing Pokemon from various other regions, something that many fans are upset about.

Despite this, Masuda did mention that all Pokemon could be collected and chronicled via the new Pokemon Home app that hits stores in 2020, and that future titles may feature a full Pokedex, despite the lack of one in Sword and Shield.

The smaller roster has been a point of contention with fans, with many feeling that their favourites have been left out and haven’t made the final cut.

Pokemon Sword and Shield/ Game Freak/ Nintendo

It’s understandable that the company hasn’t added all of the creatures due to “manpower” issues but at the same time, if your slogan is “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” you kind of need to be able to….you know….”Catch ‘Em All”?

What do you think about the lack of a full Pokedex?

Are you excited for Sword and Shield?

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