Large number of Markiplier viewers banned by YouTube due to utilising an emote

It looks like YouTube continues to make mistakes with their algorithims, having apparently banned a huge number of people watching a video by Markiplier, the popular gaming YouTuber.

According to reports, it looks like fans (who were utilising a red and green paddle emote to suggest where the YouTuber should go during a livestream) were banned for ‘spamming’ and then found their appeals to overturn the decision were denied.

Markiplier in his video on the subject

Speaking on the issue in a video here, Markiplier has called out the video hosting service whilst also highlighting the wide range of issues still rampant in the community due to errors on the part of the hosting service.

Often criticised, these algorithms have lead to a wide range of issues, from recommending inappropriate videos to demonetising channels in the past.

What makes the problem even more worrying is that, according to Markiplier, the appeal service is being handled by an actual team of people, who are refusing these appeals despite it clearly being an incorrect decision.

Hopefully the company will step up and fix the issue as soon as possible, but with a multitude of problems reported in the past, it looks like YouTube needs to really update their service and stop relying on an automated system that regularly causes issues for clients and consumers.

What do you think about the issue?

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