New Head of Playstation Worldwide Studios is Co-founder of Guerrilla Games

With the previous head of Playstation Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, leaving to work on a project that helps indie studios, Sony have announced that Herman Hulst, the co-founder and managing director at Guerrilla Games will be taking on the role.

Assisting in the creation of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Killzone, Hulst has often worked closely with Playstation to create blockbuster titles, but now will be tasked with taking the Playstation Worldwide Studios to new heights directly.

Quoted on the topic in an interview with, CEO and President of Playstation, Jim Ryan said that he was eager to see Hulst take on the new role and that his employment is something everyone should be “thrilled” about.

Reporting directly to Ryan, Hulst will be working with Playstation from now on, so we’ll see how he works with the studio in the near future.

Congratulations on the new position, Herman!

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