Fallout 1st continues to be the worst, with leaks suggesting new exclusive microtransactions for subscribers

It looks like Bethesda is still intent on ruining what remains of fan goodwill, with leaks suggesting that new Fallout 1st micro-transactions are coming to the game.

Explaining some of the leaks in a great video here, YouTuber JuiceHead goes on to also mention one of the most egregious in-game purchases, a new colour skin for the exclusive Ranger Armor given to Fallout 1st subscribers.

Since the publication of the video, however, we have seen an update from a Bethesda Community Manager known as Valseek, who has explained that the item should have been available to members of the subscription model for free.

They also went on to say that refunds will be issued to customers who may have already bought the item.

Despite this, fans aren’t fully buying the response, with many suggesting in the YouTube video comments that it may just be the company backtracking on the issue to save face with consumers after having witnessed the backlash.

What do you think about the issue?

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