Diablo 4 has no offline mode

With the controversy surrounding Diablo 3 when it first launched, with many players complaining about the inability to play due to server issues, it was thought that Blizzard would try to would avoid the same mistake with Diablo 4...

Apparently not.

Diablo 4 had an impressive CGI trailer/ Activision Blizzaed

It looks like Diablo 4 will have no offline mode, instead always requiring an online connection to be played.

In an article by Tamoor Hussain for Gamespot that highlights the panel responses during Blizzcon, Lead Designer Angela Del Priore has been quoted as having said the company are “not going to support an offline mode”

With this apparently across both console and PC releases it also looks like this may scupper any hopes Switch owners have of seeing the title ported across any time soon.

What do you think about the decision?

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