Blizzard apologises during Blizzcon, then goes on to double-down on decision to punish Casters

It looks like the ‘heartfelt’ apology from J Allen Brack at the opening of Blizzcon wasn’t as sincere and honest as people thought, with the head of Blizzard now having some very harsh words with PC Gamer about the decision to ban the casters associated with the Blitzchung incident.

Overwatch 2/ Activision Blizzard

Speaking to PC Gamer in a phone interview here, Brack continued to double down on the statements made prior to the convention, suggesting that the company will stand by the punishments given to the people involved and that they are happy with fans having “free expression”…except in official channels.

Brack also said that they decision to fire the casters was due to their inability to “keep the broadcast focused” on the tournament itself, something that comes across very harsh when we consider two people have lost their livelihoods because someone else supported democracy.

Brack also blamed the infamous statement made supporting China on NetEase rather than the company itself, something which seems fishy when explored in more depth, as does this mean Blizzard is not in control of it’s own statements and press releases?

It’s a sad sign but it confirms what many were suggesting on Reddit, that Blizzard may be far from apologetic on the issue.

What do you think about the statement?

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