Angry Birds Developers Rovio Entertainment discusses layoffs?

It looks like all is not well for Rovio Entertainment, the creators of Angry Birds, with a financial report for Q3 showing the company making far less profits than previously.

Angry Birds 2/ Rovio Entertainment/ Sony Pictures Entertainment

Discussed here in an excellent article by Phillip Moyer for, the company looks to have lost a sizeable amount of money during the production and creation of the second Angry Birds movie in August (a film which, by all accounts isn’t awful, yet didn’t see the sales it hoped for)

Going further into the report, however, it looks like the company is looking at increasing profits via potential layoffs, stating that they were looking at their Brand Licencing unit with plans to “restructure” potentially suggesting layoffs and staff cuts.

Despite the success of the company, it seems that they’re eager to return to a higher profits, but I think it’s never a good idea to do so at the expense of staff and employee morale.

What do you think?

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