The Outer Worlds continues to show class

The Outer Worlds has shown fans that Obsidian Entertainment is not only capable of creating fantastic titles on their own, but also that the studio is one of the good guys, with the compelling title showing other companies (sorry Bethesda) how it’s meant to be done.

The Outer Worlds/ Obsidian Entertainment

Already garnering praise for it’s depth, story and gameplay, The Outer Worlds apparently has has no colour blind mode because the title was designed to be playable without colour information.

According to Studio Design Director Josh Sawyer, Director Tim Cain has a form of colourblindness himself, leading the studio to address the issue in the title.

It’s just another classy move that shows Obsidian Entertainment is really ready to step up and lead the way whilst also considering the needs of their consumers.

Good job Obsidian!

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