Overwatch 2 is coming!

It looks like Overwatch players are in with a treat, with new PVP and PVE content on the way soon, as well several new heroes, including Echo for Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2/ Activision Blizzard

Announced via Blizzcon, Overwatch 2 will see players not only fight against one another on new PvP maps and via a new mode known as Push, but also together against enemies in story-based missions against computer-controller opponents.

With the Overwatch reformed, players will follow the story of the the team as they fight to beat a wealth of enemies around the globe.

With the ability to level up heroes, gain new skills and customise your abilities, what do you think of the new title?

It was also stated that owners of the older title can still play the new levels and some of the new content without purchasing the new title, but also that all earned cosmetics will be brought over to the new game in the series.

Are you excited for Overwatch 2?

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