Diablo 4 gets dark

It’s official and Diablo 4 is officially announced, with a dark and gritty trailer and showcase highlighting darker and more horrific tones associated with the earlier titles in the series.

Diablo 4/ Activision Blizzard

Alongside a blood-soaked trailer filled with gore and viscera, we were also treated to a sneak peek at gameplay during Blizzcon, highlighting the far more Gothic and atmospheric world.

The gameplay witnessed also shone a light on several characters, the barbarian, sorceress and druid, as well as the ability to utilise mounts and the environment in new and unique ways.

One interesting note was that the title would not only include a multiplayer focus as usual but also that PVP would be something more available to players from the get-go.

Despite this the title did look very similar to Diablo 3, with graphics that seemed to look far closer to the previous title than many have hoped.

With a demo available for players at the event, we’ll hopefully have more information about the title soon.

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