Death Stranding divides critics

It looks like Hideo Kojima’s latest project, Death Stranding, is a bit like Marmite in the way it’s dividing critics and YouTubers.

Gamers have been curious about the title since it was announced, with trailers and interviews failing to shed light on what we can expect from the title, but now the review embargo has been lifted, it looks like the game is a bit of a mixed bag.

Death Stranding/ Kojima Productions

Regarded by YouTubers like YongYea and Laymen Gaming as a potential Game of the Year, Death Stranding is apparently different from what we’ve ever seen before, predominantly focused on the struggle between humankind and nature rather than combat and revolutionising the way in which we interact with movement in video games.

On the other hand, critics such as Tom Reimann of Collidor have slammed Death Stranding as having “frustratingly tedious” gameplay, with EDGE even refusing to fully review the title due to a lack of interest in finishing the game.

Death Stranding, which releases on the 8th of November is the first title from famed creator Hideo Kojima since his split from Konami back in 2015 and with critics divided, it’s still too early to see whether the title will be what fans are expecting.

Are you excited for Death Stranding?

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