Diablo 4 information leaked ahead of Blizzcon

Are you itching to learn more about Diablo 4 before Blizzcon tomorrow?

Well don’t worry because Reddit user PracticalBrush12 has you covered, having made a full Reddit thread all around the new entry to the Diablo series that will supposedly be announced at Blizzcon this weekend.

Eagerly awaited by fans, Diablo 4 will apparently seems to make quite a few nods to the second game (which makes sense with a remaster of 2 apparently also due to be announced at the event).

Supposedly going for a darker and more gritty theme with a world filled with gore, crypts and bogs, the new title looks to be something we can all get our teeth into!

With the recently controversy regarding the company’s stance in regard to China and free speech, Blizzard really needs Blizzcon to be a hit to win back the fans still disgruntled with the publisher and developer.

Are you excited for Diablo 4?

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