EA confirms new titles, new content for Anthem and a release date for the next Battlefield

It looks like EA Games is setting up for an interesting 2021 and 2022, with a number of different projects and titles in the works.

The publisher is shown to have released some interesting information (highlighted here by Daniel Ahmad) which suggests the company is aiming for a number of different and intriguing objectives over the next few years.

Battlefield V/ Dice/ EA Games

Among these plans are a new Dragon Age title and also a new Star Wars title for some point in 2022, but the information also suggests that there will be a delay before the next game in the Battlefield series, with the potential title launching for the next generation in 2021.

Alongside these revelations the company also suggested that it would be continuing to create content for Anthem, Star Wars Battlefront II and The Sims 4, as well as two completely new EA Partners titles created by independent development teams.

With a wealth of new information to digest, it looks like we’re all in for an interesting few years!

What do you think about the direction of the company?

Are you excited for any new titles from EA?

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