Fallout 1st subscribers are getting griefed

It looks like subscribers to the new Fallout 1st subscription don’t only have to content with broken Scrap Boxes and non-private servers, they also have to compete with other players

The proposed Fallout 1st package/ Bethesda Game Studios

Reported on the Fallout 76 Reddit in a number of places, players have reported that subscribers (identifiable due to an icon next to their name) are being actively hunted and griefed by other players.

With the 1st subscription derided by gamers and critics for a number of reasons, including it’s high price and broken content, players are understandably frustrated with Bethesda for going back on a promise to keep all downloadable content strictly cosmetic.

Fallout 76/ Bethesda Game Studios

It’s a sad story to read, as although the developer and publisher can be mocked for the bad decision and everyone might not agree with the system, going out of your way to upset a fellow player always sits badly with me.

I recently created a video exploring whether Fallout 76 is worth picking up yet…why not check out the results of my research below.

Fallout 76…Is it good yet?

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