Epic and Steam Rivalry is a good thing?

According to an article by Chris J Capel for PCGamesN, the developers of Wolfenstein: Youngblood and The New Order think so.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood/ Machine Games/ Bethesda

One of Machine Games’ senior designers, Kristoffer Kindh spoke to the publication stating that they saw the competition between the two rivals as “good for the industry” due to the nature of competition making everyone involved strive to work harder.

With the Epic Store garnering criticism due to it’s close nature with controversial Chinese company TenCent, as well as due to its tactic of purchasing up exclusivity rights on titles, it’s probably not a popular opinion.

Having utilised exclusives to try and force gamers to utilise the platform, Epic Games Store has been seen as something of a negative force in the games market, with adverts and pages for the marketplace often met with ridicule and insults (here’s a link but be aware there is swearing)

What do you think about the rivalry between the two companies?

Does it mean we see publishers and developers work harder or is it the consumer that suffers?

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