Wizards of the Coast won’t censor players

It looks like Wizards of the Coast are looking out for their player’s rights, allowing freedom of speech in their forums and Twitch channels, even going as far as to instruct moderators to “allow and not touch” statements from viewers that support the Hong Kong protests.

It looks like Wizards of the Coast are looking out for their players

Reported on here by Danny Forster for DotEsports, the move sees the company taking a stand that contrasts with that of Activision Blizzard, who banned Ng Wai Chung for speaking out against the unrest currently displayed in Hong Kong.

In the recent Mythic Championship V, competitive player Lee Shi Tian not only arrived to the tournament wearing a mask (something of a sign of solidarity with protesters due to the current ban on masks in Hong Kong) but also voiced his pleasure at the opportunity to play the game “as a free man”.

Lee Shi Tian wore a mask and covered his eye to show solidarity with protesters during the Twitch Stream for Magic The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast

With Activison Blizzard having seen an incredible backlash due to the censoring of a competitive Hearthstone player, Blitzchung, over the last few weeks, it’s a positive step to see a company standing alongside the fans and following the interests of their player base, rather than chasing financial gain.

What do you think of the move?

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