Is Xcloud a portable Xbox?

It looks like Microsoft may be utilising Project XCloud to compete with the Nintendo Switch, allowing gamers to play their favourite Xbox titles on the go.

Project Xcloud/ Xbox/ Microsoft Studios

With the service featuring titles like Gears of War 5 and Halo 5, it looks like Microsoft might be on to a winner if they can succeed in bringing these titles to phones and tablets in a sustanable way.

Speaking in an article for Arstechnica, Kyle Orland described the gameplay as “indistinguishable from local play” when a stable internet connection is available, but with Orland suggesting that the image quality and framerate suffered when others were utilising the same Wi-Fi network or downloading, how is the service going to perform when users are trying to play on the go?

With Google’s Stadia streaming service available from the 19th of November and Xcloud on the horizon, are we about to see the future of gaming, or is the world just not ready for games to be streamed on the go?

What do you think of the upcoming service and are you excited for Xcloud?

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