Xbox Game Pass a success for Microsoft

It looks like Microsoft has hit a home run with the Xbox Game Pass.

Speaking at an investment summit for GameIndustry.Biz, the company showed details and subscription data that showed gamers utilising the pass were playing 40% more titles and far more likely to go and purchase titles that were not offered by the pass.

Xbox has done well with the Game Pass

According to the data 91% of subscribers also agreed that they had played a title that may not have traditionally been something they would have tried if not for the Game Pass.

Suggesting the Pass is not only a success in its own right but also a driving motivator for consumers to become more interested in games as a whole, the company looks to have hit a home run with the Xbox Game Pass.

The Outer Worlds/ Obsidian Entertainment – Soon available on the Xbox Game Pass.

It looks like a good opportunity for gamers and developers alike, with the Game Pass bringing a wide range of different titles to consumers, but what are your thoughts on the Xbox Game Pass?

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