US Senators and Congress members write to Blizzard

It looks like Activision Blizzard aren’t out of the woods yet!

Receiving criticism from fans and game pundits alike for their treatment of the Blizchung situation, which saw a player banned due to their support of the Hong Kong protests, the company has now been contacted via a number of Congress members and Senators who have asked CEO Robert Kotick to rethink the decision.

World of Warcraft/ Activision Blizzard

Speaking frankly in the letter, Senator Wyden and Rubio and Congress members Gallagher, Malinowski and Ocasio-Cortez appealed to Kotick to consider “American values” rather than “market access” and went on to mention the boycotts planned by fans towards the company now that it has taken such a hard-line stance towards freedom of speech.

The letter also went on to state that the company should reconsider their current path and urged Activision Blizzard to “reverse course”

With Blizzcon just around the corner and fans still flooding Reddit and Twitter with a mixture of memes and insults, the company really needs to think carefully before making their next move.

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