Destiny 2 offering a purchasable 900 light level

If you’re itching to get into the endgame content offered by Destiny 2’s new expansion, Shadowkeep, it looks like Bungie has you covered.

Destiny 2/ Bungie

The developer and publisher is now offering a purchasable boost for 2,000 silver (roughly $20) that immediately boosts players to very near the maximum light level available in the game.

This means that a new player can now immediately start playing on endgame content with some of the best items offered in the game, regardless of play time, an odd feature that would see many new players completely miss some of the new content offered by Shadowkeep.

It’s a strange move by the developer who gamers assumed would be far more motivated on new content rather than in-game transactions, which many thought were brought in by their previous business partner, Activision.

Destiny 2/ Bungie

With the title going free to play, it makes sense that smaller transactions in the title would be a good move for the company, but by enabling players to skip old content, many feel that it may lead developers to create an intentional grind, rather than a solid experience.

What are your thoughts on the purchase?

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