Outer Worlds better on Xbox?


It looks like a spokesperson for the publisher had made a mistake with his statement, leading to Private Division confirming that the title will feature 4K resolution for both consoles. To read the official tweet, follow this link.

Original Story:

It looks like the Outer Worlds is going to be a little bit prettier on Xbox One X, with the title having been upgraded to support 4k resolutions on the console whilst only able to attain 1080p on the Playstation Pro.

Outer Worlds/ Obsidian Entertainment/ InsideXbox

Reported here in an article for Windows Central by Asher Madan, a spokesperson from the publisher Private Division said that the Playstation version of the title would receive “no enhancements”.

The new title from Fallout: New Vegas developers, Obsidian Entertainment sees players take to the stars to explore a sci-fi universe filled with adventures, guns and branching quests, leading many to hope the title is exactly what gamers have been hoping for since New Vegas.

Outer Worlds/ Obsidian Entertainment

Despite the excitement felt by fans, it looks like they’ll need to grab the title on Xbox or PC to really appreciate the full beauty of the strange and alien universe.

The Outer Worlds releases on the 25th of October for Playstation, PC and Xbox One and will also be available via the Xbox Game Pass.

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