Overwatch Switch launch event cancelled by Blizzard

It looks like Blizzard is stepping up it’s attempts to avoid fan backlash by cancelling events that could invite protesting.

Blizzard is still in the firing line

Set to release the Nintendo Switch edition of Overwatch, the event on Wednesday 16th in New York has now been cancelled.

Nintendo announced this via their Twitter account earlier today, but Blizzard remains silent on the subject.

Acitivion Blizzard has faced a huge negative response from fans since banning Ng Wai Chung, also known as Blitzchung, for a statement he made during a Hearthstone Tournament stream that promoted and supported protesters in Hong Kong.

Blitzchung was banned from competing competitively for 12 months and also saw his prize money taken away, whilst the casters hosting the event were fired.

Overwatch/ Activison Blizzard

The company then invited more derision when they reduced the punishments Chung was facing, but then went on to say that the decision they had made had nothing to do with the message or their relationship with China, despite having not taken action against the American college students who staged a similar protest later that week.

It looks like Blizzard are aware of the outrage felt by their fans, but how this will impact Blizzcon next month is still yet to be seen, with protests apparently planned against the corporation.

We’ll have to wait and see

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