Will broadband caps kill Stadia?

With Stadia available in November are we about to see a new revolution in gaming or is it going to lead to a revolt?

Stadia/ Google

Stadia, the streaming service from Google, would see players able to stream titles onto multiple devices without the need for consoles or high-end computers, but looks like it may cause issues in regard to download caps put in place by internet providers.

With a wide range of games said to be available from launch, the service is a tempting one, but the issue is still causing concern in consumers?

As reported by Karl Bode for Vice here, many consumers will have limits on the amount downloaded in certain periods that, when ignored, could lead to additional charges.

Wolfenstein:Youngblood by Bethesda is a launch title for Google Stadia

This becomes a more important issue when you think that Stadia could see players downloading almost 15.75GB per hour to maintain the 60 frames per second and 4K display promised to customers

When speaking on the issue in a Reddit AMA Andrey Doronichev, the Director of Product stated that Google would expect “ISPs to continually improve their service” showing that the only resolution to the problem of data caps would be in the hands of the internet providers, who Bode suggests have little incentive to do so.

With the product just around the corner and no clear solution in sight, it looks like we’re going to have to wait and see how the issue is addressed in the near future.

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