Blizzard stocks start to drop due to fan outrage?

Activision Blizzard are facing a colossal backlash for the decision to ban League of Legends player, Ng Wai ‘Blitzchung’ Chung earlier this week due to a statement he made supporting Hong Kong’s protesters against the Chinese government.

Blitzchung was banned earlier this week

The publisher of Hearthstone and World of Warcraft responded by not only banning Chung, but also by removing his prize pot and firing both of the casters hired to cover the Grandmasters Season 2 event that Chung was taking part in.

Having faced a huge negative response from fans as well as colleagues within the company, the entertainment giant has stayed quiet as the controversy has continued to rage, but it looks like it could start to hit the company where it hurts.

Taking a look at the Blizzard stocks today, it looks like the stocks have begun to drop, having already dipped from $54 yesterday to a significantly lower rate of $51.57 and dropping today.

At the time of writing, stocks are continuing to drop in Activision Blizzard

Having dipped a few times over the last few months due to audience displeasure over previous announcements (We all remember the car-crash that was the Diablo: Immortal announcement, right?) it looks like the stocks are dropping rapidly, something that will definitely be noticed by the higher ups within the company.

With Reddit on fire with nothing but anti-Activision Blizzard memes that call the company out for the decision to support finance over people, how is the publisher going to convince investors that this is just a blip, rather than a full-scale meltdown if stocks continue to decrease?

We’ll have to watch over the coming days.

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