Blizzard backlash over Blitzchung ban

It looks like Blizzard is in some hot water over the decision to ban Ng Wai Chung (also known as Blitzchung) over a comment made during an interview with the Taiwanese Hearthstone channel.

During the stream, Chung showed support for the Hong Kong protests by wearing a face mask and shouting “Liberate Hong Kong”.

Chung Saw himself banned by Blizzard (Activision/Blizzard)

The demonstrating and protests in Hong Kong due to the government handover in China has seen swathes of violence and aggression, including the use of live ammunition on protesters and police brutality.

Chung was later banned by Blizzard and saw all of the money won during the Hearthstone Grandmasters season 2 tournament removed due to what Blizzard called a rule violation.

Hearthstone/Activision Blizzard

Blizzard now seems to be facing a massive backlash on social media forums, with Reddit users going as far as to say that they’re not actively not supporting the company due to it’s move to appease the country rather than do what many feels is right.

One vocal critic of the decision was Cambell Simpson, who called the company out over their previous statements about the importance of every voice whilst also silencing a protest due to government pressure.

It’s also important to consider that both casters were also fired for their part in running the interview.

We’ll have to keep watch on the story and see how it progresses over the coming weeks.

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