Stadia ups the ante

It looks like Stadia is attracting some serious talent, with Alen Ladavac one of the original members of Serious Sam developer Croteam, moving across to the company to become the new Engineering Manager for Stadia.

Stadia, the revolutionary device from Google that allows gamers to play top titles via streaming without a console, has attracted a wide range of different titles that look to be available on launch, including Destiny 2 and Borderlands 3.

Destiny 2/ Bungie

The product which would allow players to stream to phones, televisions and other devices has been something we’ve been curious about, but many have pointed out limitations due to internet caps and speeds that may impact people enjoying the titles on offer.

Google Stadia

Despite this, Google seems confident the product will succeed in bringing gaming to a wide audience of potential players and are even offering a Buddy Pass to buyers so that friends can enjoy the service for 3 months before they purchase.

It looks to be an interesting product and with such a strong team behind it, are we about to see the streaming service turn into the future of gaming?

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