The Witcher 3 goodies continue to prove CD Projekt Red are the good guys

Gamers have hailed CD Projekt Red with praise for the way they seem to always put the community first and it looks like they’re taking the same approach with The Witcher 3 Switch release coming on the 15th of October.

The port of the popular console and PC title will include not only the downloadable content for Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone, but also stickers, a map and a universe compendium filled with information.

The Witcher 3: Switch Edition/ CD Projekt Red

The Developer has enjoyed a positive reception from consumers for their transparency and honesty, being one of the few that still avoid excessive monitization in their titles, instead focusing on the player experience and journey.

Despite this, there has been rumblings from internal sources that the popular studio has issues in regard to the treatment of staff.

When speaking to Eurogamer, staff said that they felt “overworked” and “underpaid”, with the studio having advocated crunch-methods that often sees workers tired and stressed to a dangerous degree.

The Witcher 3/ CD Projekt Red

However, CD Projekt Red have addressed this in recent months, asking to be held more accountable and promising to ensure better conditions for members of their team in future (something which I hope is true).

Hopefully the studio will soon have the same relationship with it’s staff that it has with the public!

The Witcher 3 Switch edition is out on the 15th and Cyberpunk 2077 hits stores in April next year.

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