Kevin Conroy not in mysterious Batman title

It looks like the iconic Voice Actor best known for his role as DC’s Batman will not be returning to Gotham in the new title that’s been hinted at by Warner Brothers Games Montreal

In an exclusive interview that can be found here, Conroy suggested that he wouldn’t be back to voice the Dark Knight in the new title.

Batman: Arkham Asylum/ Warner Brothers Games

During the chat Conroy suggested that he he didn’t know why he wouldn’t be reprising the role, leading us to believe that maybe WB Games has contacted Arkham Origins Voice Actor, Roger Craig Smith instead.

With Smith having played the Caped Crusader during his younger years in Arkham Origins, this has lead fans to speculate that the title may also be set in the initial years of the hero’s career.

Batman: Arkham Origins/ WB Games Montreal

The new title, which was hinted at during the 80th anniversary of Batman, seems to be just over the horizon, so hopefully we’ll get a few more details about the project soon.

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