Ghost Recon: Breakpoint microtransactions scaled back

It looks like the negative feeling around the microtransactions in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint have finally had an effect on the decisions at Ubisoft.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint/ Ubisoft

Criticised heavily on Reddit, as well as by several websites and YouTubers, the open world shooter has felt the pressure and caved to removing some of its microtransactions for the near future.

Quoted in an article here by Carrie Talbot for PCGamesN, the Publisher lamented the “error” of some of the items available, but were vague about whether the products would return later for “players arriving later to the game”.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint/ Ubisoft

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, which saw players thrown against the forces of Cole Walker (aka John Bernthal from Netflix Punisher series) was released only yesterday but already sits on an incredibly low Metacritic user score, with the PlayStation 4 version on a disappointing 3.1, primarily due to the titles aggressive microtransactions and what some users call intentionally tedious gameplay.

Whether the purchasable content will return is still up for discussion, but personally, I think it’s unfortunatly just a matter of time before the transactions return to the title.

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