EA leaks FIFA player information

It doesn’t look like things are going too well over at Electronic Arts right now!

FIFA 20/ Electronic Arts

During the registration for the latest FIFA Global Series tournament players found that when attempting to enter their own details they were instead presented with the information of other gamers and personalities.

Competitive FIFA player, Kurt is now looking to seek legal action.

The problem seems to have lead to the company taking down the page in question and launching an investigation, but it seems like the damage may already have been done.

With no way to actually tell how much data has been leaked to others, EA looks to be in some serious hot water, with many players on Twitter angry about the error.

Many players are angry about the data breach

The leak comes just after another data protection issue (reported on by Security Boulevard here) which saw over 300 million accounts exposed to hackers who could then access and utilise the data of Origin users.

EA is currently in the process of addressing the issue and has asked for all users to report any future leaks or issues they notice via email to secure@ea.com.

We’ll have to see how the company handles the situation over the coming days.

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