Call of Duty: Mobile downloaded over 20 million times

It looks like Call of Duty is enjoying success now that it’s hit the mobile markets. Available for Android and IoS, the free to play title created by Chinese company Tencent seems to be striking a chord with gamers.

Call of Duty: Mobile/ Tencent/ Activision

In an article earlier today by Windows Central, the news was broken that the new FPS title had been downloaded over 20 million times so far whilst also having made over $2 million dollars in microtransactions.

This is much needed reassurance for Publisher Activision, who had faced criticism for choices in their newest core title coming to consoles and PC later this month, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The free title on mobile, however, has lead gamers to evaluate choices in the more mainstream titles. One Reddit user, McManus26 said that he found it frustrating that the big name Publisher is capable of a good microtransaction balance in a mobile title but “can’t be bothered with it” when it comes to the triple A releases.

Call of Duty: Mobile/ Tencent/ Activision

With the new core title, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launching later this month on the 25th, it looks like the mobile title’s success will be a welcome bit of good news for the Publisher after a debacle in regard to exclusive content and in game loot boxes earlier last week.

What’s your opinion on the new mobile title?

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