Legal action against Ustwo after worker targeted due to Union ties.

The BAFTA winning studio behind mobile games such as Monument Valley, Ustwo, is now facing legal action after having supposedly targeting the founding member of Game Workers Unite after having questioned him in regard to the union a few weeks earlier.

Monument Valley/ Ustwo

Announced via the Games Workers Unite website, the news is troubling to say the least.

Austin Kelmore, one of the three leading Developers on the studio’s latest Apple Arcade game was questioned and then let go after the title he was working on, Assemble with Care, was completed.

With the games industry having faced criticism in the past for a lack of protection when it comes to developers and designers, it’s a scary move to see someone targeted due to their involvement with a union designed to give peace of mind and job stability.

Ustwo now has until the 4th of October to reverse the decision before they face legal action in regard to the treatment of Mr Kelmore.

Monument Valley/ Ustwo

Speaking on the issue within the article, Game Workers Unite UK Secretary James Cross said that despite the claims of the company being a family that puts it’s workers first, Ustwo had left Mr Kelmore “completely orphaned”.

We’ll have to keep an eye on the company to see how the case progresses later this week.

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