Arnie is in Mortal Kombat!

The new gameplay of the the Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator in Mortal Kombat 11 has just been released and it’s as brutal as you can imagine!

Mortal Kombat/ NeverRealm Studios/

With a new release on the way, we’ve seen a wide range of different series, from Gears of War to Ghost Recon utilise the popular franchise within their titles, but it looks like NeverRealm Studios aren’t to be outdone, having created a brutal killing machine for players to take control of.

Set to release as part of the Kombat Pack alongside other characters, the T-800 series robot is dropping into the fray come October 8th for early access.

Despite the cool exterior, however, something’s missing and it shows.

The robot may look and feel like Arnie, but unfortunately the iconic Actor and Governor isn’t voicing the new character, leaving fans on reddit noticeably upset.

Mortal Kombat/ NeverRealm Studios

The addition of the Terminator is also problematic due to the Actor’s history of trying to restrict violence in video games, which is ironic when looking at the level of aggression displayed in the trailer here.

Are you excited to see the T-800 make an appearance in Mortal Kombat?

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