Apex Legends: Season 3 coming October 1st

Apex Legends, the battle royale title by EA Games and Titanfall developers, Respawn Entertainment, was criticised due to a lack of proper content during its previous seasons, but now it looks like the Developers have gone all-out to create something new and fun!

Apex Legends/ Respawn Entertainment/ EA Games

Season 3, which launches launches on October 1st, will see players take to the frozen tundras and molten peaks to do battle on new map, World’s Edge.

Alongside the new location, players will also be able to utilise a brand new character, the cyber-hacker Crypto, who looks to be packing some impressive skills and weaponry!

Apex Legends/ Respawn Entertainment/ EA Games

Apex Legends has seen a drop in player numbers since it’s incredibly successful release back in February, when it saw 10 million players join the fray within 72 hours, but will this be enough to bring gamers back into the fold?

The new trailer can be seen here, so why not check it out today?

Are you excited for Apex Legends Season 3?

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