What series do you want to see remastered next?

With popular classic titles like Zelda, Spyro and Resident Evil 2 achieving success and critical acclaim in modern markets with recent remasters and remakes, and titles like Final Fantasy 7 and MediEvil hyping us up for more, it allows us to speculate on what we’d like to see next!

With that in mind, why don’t we take a look at 5 games that deserve to have a second chance at capturing the heart of gamers in 2019.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night/ Konami


Having enjoyed success with a Netflix animation series not too long ago, Castlevania seems like an obvious choice to return to the games market, right? Unfortunately, not, as we’ve not seen a title in the popular series since 2014’s Lord of Shadow 2, which was a far cry from the Metroidvania style of the original, much loved games.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, ex-franchise producer Koji Igarashi’s spiritual successor to the series, garnered success and proved that fans are desperate for a new entry to the franchise. Despite this, we’re yet to hear any news from Konami about a potential sequel to the beloved titles.

Syphon Filter/ Eidetic

Syphon Filter

Developed by Eidetic and with the first title in the series hitting the markets in 1999, Syphon Filter provided fans with a fun and exciting spy-style adventure that thrust you into the role of Gabriel Logan as he tracked down and defeated a terrorist plot to utilise biological weapons.

Filled with a wealth of brilliant weapons and sitting at a Metascore of 90 the game enjoyed success with PlayStation owners due to its mixture of espionage and action.

Despite this, future releases were less well received, leading to the death of the series in 2007, but I’d love to see a remaster or potential sequel bring Gabriel back to fighting bad guys in the modern-day market.

Broken Sword/ Revolution Games

Broken Sword

Revolution Games’ Broken Sword series put the player in control of George Stobart and Nico Collard, players sought out clues and questioned characters to solve puzzles and work towards stopping sinister plots.

With a mixture of smart comedy, beautiful animation and innovative (and sometimes infuriating) puzzles, the first game in 1996 provided fans with an enjoyable and memorable point-and-click adventure that would spawn numerous sequels.

The series’ foray into the 3D world was met with a mixed reception however, leading to a lack of releases until the most recent Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse which was enjoyed by fans but criticised for its lacklustre ending and short story.

I’m still holding out hope for George and Nico to adventure again soon.

Time Crisis/ Namco

Time Crisis

First hitting the market in 1995, Time Crisis had a generation of players take to local arcades, but also released the title for home use, complete with light guns in 1997

A brilliant game for co-op and easy to pick up and play, Time Crisis provided an energetic and exciting new experience for players, but slowly returned to just being an arcade game after Time Crisis 4 in 2005.

Despite this, fans can still head to the arcade to hit the most recent Time Crisis 5, that released in 2015, but was not accompanied by a general consumer release.

Perhaps with the next generation of consoles, we’ll see a return of the classic game by Namco?

Max Payne/ Remedy Entertainment/ Rockstar Games

Max Payne

Often credited as the start of slow-mo bullet-time in video games, Remedy Entertainment’s classic Max Payne series put the player in control of the titular hero as he raced through a noir comic-esque world to reap vengeance for the tragic events that befell his family.

The title was beloved by fans despite small hiccups (I’m looking at you blood corridors!) and the third title was released in 2012 having been created by Rockstar Studios to a positive Metacritic score of 87.

Despite this, the grizzled hero has yet to grace our screens again.

I’m hoping Max will be dolphin-diving back into stores soon.

So what did you think of the games mentioned above and which would you want to add?

Why not let me know in the comments below?

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