The Last of Us 2 to focus on single player experience

Its safe to say that we’re all waiting with baited breath for the sequel to the critically acclaimed title from Naughty Dog, The Last of Us.

The Last of Us 2/ Naughty Dog/ Sony

Having shot to the top of many gamer’s favourite titles and currently sitting on a staggering 95 on Metacritic, The Last of Us allowed us to experience the beautiful and often heartrending relationship between exhausted, weary father-figure Joel and the more impulsive and emotionally charged Ellie.

Now fans have received news that the series sequel will arrive on the 21st of February 2020, but also that the title will be focused on a purely single player experience, rather than including any form of multiplayer.

Despite having had a multiplayer mode in the previous title, the decision to remove the function was to allow the developer to focus purely on an engaging and immersive single player experience.

The Last of Us 2/ Naughty Dog

In a post on Twitter earlier today Developers, Naughty Dog said that the decision was a “difficult choice” but that we would be able to see a more multiplayer focused experience at a later date in another game that would showcase the team’s “online ambition.”

The decision has received a mixed reception from fans, with many suggesting that the title’s Factions mode will be a sorely missed part of the experience.

The Last of Us 2/ Naughty Dog/ Sony

Personally, I’m just excited to get back on the road with two of my favourite protagonists!

What’s your opinion on the decision?

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