So who is Captain Price?

We’ve all been blown away by the fantastic animation and CGI shown off in Activision’s latest title, especially when looking at everyone’s favourite series veteran, Captain Price.

Captain Price (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/ Activision)

But who is Captain Price and how have developers worked to create the iconic character in the new Modern Warfare title coming out on the 12th of September?

In a video on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel, fans are able to see a new interview with actor, Barry Sloane which shows just how the Captain goes from script to screen.

Barry Sloane as Captain Price (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/ Activision)

Showing not only the motion capture process, but also the ways in which Developer Infinity Ward takes steps to make the character a believable persona in the title, the video is an eye-opening and interesting watch for fans of the series and gaming in general.

Speaking on the subject, Barry speaks about the ways in which he felt in regard to being the first person able to physically move as the iconic character, as well as about the lengths to which he has gone to ensure the character is someone players can “aspire to be”.

It’s a fascinating watch, so why not follow the link here and have a look for yourself.

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