Did Inside Xbox miss the mark?

Despite showing a wealth of different upcoming games, fans seem dissatisfied with the showcase and weren’t shy about expressing it, with the video currently sitting at 3.2 thousand links to 1.9 thousand dislikes.

Inside Xbox, the Microsoft showcase that highlights the latest games coming to the console, was met with a lacklustre response from fans last night due to it’s lack of new title information.

The event showcased a wide range of different titles, showing a mixture of gameplay and clips, however, hosts were criticised and jokes fell flat with viewers who wanted far more than was shown.

With a large number of fans clamouring for a new Batman title, many were left disappointed due to the lack of an announcement, however many also expressed their dissatisfaction in the live chat stream due to a lack of games and, what they felt was far too much talking from hosts.

The broadcast did, however, allow viewers to learn more about a number of different and exciting upcoming titles and also told us more about the highly anticipated streaming service from Microsoft, Project Xcloud, which was announced to be launching it’s public beta next month.

Inside Xbox/ Microsoft

Despite this the showcase was also criticised due to its display of tie-in products that took time away from new titles, such as an exclusive tin by Rockstar Energy Drink.

With a strong showcase featuring The Last of Us 2 on the earlier State of Play and Nintendo regularly wowing fans with announcements during their Nintendo Direct streams, perhaps Microsoft need to tighten the feature before going live to fans again.

You can view the whole stream here if you weren’t able to catch it when it aired.

What’s your opinion on the showcase and what are you looking forward to from Microsoft and Xbox?

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