The Outer Worlds is coming and it looks beautiful!

The Inside Xbox event from Microsoft last night let us take a deeper look into the next RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and we can’t wait to play it!

The Outer Worlds/ Obsidian Entertainment/ Inside Xbox

Set in the deepest reaches of space, The Outer Worlds is a first-person role-playing game from the studio that brought fans Fallout: New Vegas and looks to share quite a few similarities. It promises players the opportunity to set off on their own adventures and solve quests in a variety of ways.

Showing off immersive environments and exciting gameplay, the event allowed fans a closer look at some of the expansive and colourful worlds they will be able to explore when the game releases for Xbox 1, Xbox Game Pass, Windows and PlayStation 4 on October 25th.

The Outer Worlds/ Obsidian Entertainment/ Inside Xbox

Having moved away from first-person games after making Fallout: New Vegas for Bethesda Softworks, Obsidian created the Pillars of Eternity series which followed in the vein of titles such as Baldur’s Gate.

Now the veteran studio is returning to create a title that will hopefully fill the void left by Bethesda, who have seemingly abandoned the RPG genre to pursue a more multiplayer-focused market with their latest title, the controversial Fallout 76.

The Outer Worlds/ Obsidian Entertainment/ Inside Xbox

With a wide range of different quests and progression choices that allow players to choose their own way to play and complete objectives, will The Other Worlds provide the RPG experience that fans of the Fallout series have been craving?

We’ll find out on October 25th, but personally I can’t wait to head into space and get exploring!

Watch the full Inside Xbox event here for more details.

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