Arise: A Simple Story is coming to PlayStation

One title featured in the PlayStation State of Play event last night was Arise: A Simple Story by Techland Publishing and Piccolo Studio.

Arise: A Simple Story/ Techland Publishing/ Piccolo Studio

Showing some interesting gameplay via the event, Arise seems to evoke a wealth of different emotions as we’re taken from one beautiful environment to the next, accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack that both haunts and captivates the viewer.

Relaxed and simple graphics alongside a beautiful musical score leads to an intriguing title that really enables players to feel the icy chill as the camera tracks the protagonist through the snow dunes before we come to bask in the warm sunshine of huge forests and fields.

Arise: A Simple Story seems to echo the same tones of games such as the critically acclaimed Journey, with weather and beautiful natural vistas leading to what could be an incredible experience for players as they undertake what appears to be the journey to the afterlife.

Arise: A Simple Story/ Techland Publishing/ Piccolo Studio

But all is not as it seems!

The game also allows us to glimpse a dark and subtle evil hiding in the darkness and just a breath away. Shadowy figures disappear into the night as a lightning strike illuminates the gloom.

Set to be Piccolo Studio’s first game and looking to be an interesting experience, Arise: A Simple Story is set to arrive on the console this December.

Check out the full State of Play video here to see the trailer for yourself.

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