Playstation goes green

Playstation/ Sony Interactive Entertainment

With the next Playstation State of Play broadcast coming later today, many fans are excited to see more information about the latest titles and upcoming releases coming to the platform.

Ahead of this however, we’ve already been given an important announcement yesterday from CEO Jim Ryan about the role Sony plans to play in conserving energy and turning green with their next console.

In a blog post on the official Playstation site, Ryan spoke about the vital nature making ‘formal commitments’ to work towards supporting our environment, as well as about how Playstation has taken steps to work more closely with the United Nations to ensure a better carbon footprint in the future.

With a new method of sustaining gameplay, Sony believe that they could save the power of up to 1,000 homes if a million players choose to utilise the feature added to the next generation console.

With over 822 cities having declared a state of emergency in regard to climate change in July this year, (as seen here in this article by James Ellsmoor of Forbes) , the step is a a bit of positive news that shows companies are stepping up to the challenge of climate change.

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