Dragon Ball Z Collector’s Edition is on its way!

The edition is available exclusively on Funimation.com

If you’ve got a spare £300 to spare you’re in for a treat.

Set to release via MangaUK and available on Funimation, Dragon Ball Z is finally heading to Blu Ray to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series!

Written and created by Akira Toriyama in 1988 in manga form and then animated in 1989, the series follows the life of main character Goku after the events of the original Dragon Ball series as he defends the universe from a host of villainous characters and organisations.

Hailed as one of the most popular and beloved series, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z has enjoyed huge success and has even inspired a multitude of different people including artists, writers and musicians with its intense action, fantastic animation and heroic plot lines.

Now, for the 30th anniversary, MangaUK has announced an exclusive run of 750 Blu-ray collectors editions exclusive to Funimation, which come with 37 discs packed full of all 291 episodes as well as a figure of series hero, Goku and a hard-cover art book with images from the series.

It’s a beautiful item, so if you’ve got £300 to spare and you’re looking to avoid any talk of Brexit or work this Christmas you can preorder your copy now and start watching from the 25th of November.

So now you don’t need the Dragon Balls to make this particular wish come true!

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