Borderlands 3 heads to new territory

Borderlands 3/ 2K Games

2K Games have announced via their official news page that Borderlands 3 has secured it’s title as the fastest selling game ever released by the publisher.

Despite controversially releasing exclusively on the Epic Games store rather than Steam, Borderlands 3 has faced a fair share of controversy prior to release, but in the statement today it seems that this has had little effect on the sales of the title.

2K also went on to state that the title was primarily bought by consumers on a digital format, with 70% of customers opting for a download rather than a physical medium.

The publisher also went on to state that the title had “exceeded the label’s expectations” and that sales via the Epic Store had been “incredibly strong”.

Borderlands 3/ 2K Games

The Epic Games store has been criticised in the past due to it’s lack of features and association with the problematic Chinese conglomerate, Tencent, as well as due to the aggressive nature in which the store seeks to secure exclusive games and tie gamers to the platform.

Borderlands 3, the latest title in the looter-shooter franchise, sees players travel across multiple planets full of comical characters and vibrant environments in search of new loot and weaponry.

With such good results will this pave the way for other titles to think for longer before choosing whether to take exclusivity deals with Epic?

We’ll have to wait and see.

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