Batman swings into Fortnite

The announcement trailer for Fortnite (video images by DC/ Epic Games)

Love it or hate it, Epic Game’s Fortnite knows how to hype up the fans.

September 21st this year marked the 80th anniversary of DC classic hero Batman, so players will be treated with the chance to become either the Dark Knight or Catwoman in the popular shooter to celebrate the Caped Crusader.

A battle royale title that has shot to household acclaim, Fortnite’s use of popular events and interaction with other franchises has enabled it to go from strength to strength, maintaining a strong and committed fan base where many other live service games have failed.

Set to change the Tilted Towers areas into Gotham City, the new update looks to continue the trend of keeping the game fresh and exciting for current fans whilst also providing incentive for new players to join.

Controversial in nature due to the mixed reception on the Epic Games Store and the battle royale genre, the title has invited criticism in the past for it’s monetization and store tactics, but with high profile crossovers such as this one, it shows they know how to keep fans hooked where many others have failed.

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