Total War Troy is coming, but can I build a large wooden horse?

Are you eager to get your next fix of the Total War Franchise?

Then you’ll be pleased to hear that The Creative Assembly Limited, developers of the iconic Total War series, has just filed to trademark the next title in the Saga series, Total War Saga: Troy

Originally found via a post on Reddit and broken in a brilliant article by PC Gamer’s Fraser Brown, the title has lead to speculation in regard to the nature of the game and it’s roots in wartime strategy.

The Trojan war, said to have taken place between the forces of Troy and the Greek forces from Achaea, is an interesting one to pick. With the conflict steeped in legend and said to have originated due to the quarrels between Gods and riddled with a number of fantastical heroes, it’s difficult to predict how Creative Assembly will approach the conflict.

The Total War series, a turn based series of games revolving around historical battles and turbulent times in the past, has strayed from the realistic with several titles to date. Brutal entries such as the Warhammer series has shown that Creative Assembly can more than handle the task of creating fictitious settings.

Total War:Warhammer 2/ Creative Assembly

The developer has also already attempted to create a hybrid of a real world tinged with myth in their most recent game, Three Kingdoms by adding a hero-style battle, so it will be interesting to see how, and if, they take a further step towards embracing the legendary aspect of the war and address the idea of the influence of the Gods that supposedly spurred on the conflict.

Total War: Three Kingdoms/ Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly have a track record of delivering top-quality games, with titles such as Medievil:Total War 2 and the aforementioned Three Kingdoms garnering praise from fans. That being said criticism has been levied towards several of their recent titles due to the tendency to hide features behind paid DLC packs that are released at a later date (few can forget the pay to unlock blood debacle that came after the release of the original Total War:Warhammer).

Personally, I’m just excited at the prospect of creating a wealth of wooden animals…

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  1. I absolutely love the total war series, sadly I’ve not been able to keep up with them due to my laptop being a potato.


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